• Service 1 - Scrap Purchase

    We purchase all kinds of metal scraps which includes Melting, Rolling, Gas Cutting, Iron ore(bheed)and many more

  • Service 2 - Machine Cutting

    We cut larger iron rods into smaller ones so that it gets transported easier to melting factories

  • Service 3 - Gas Cutting

    We perform Gas Cutting for large size metal ores so that the item qualify for re-rolling

  • Service 4 - Rolling of Iron

    We manufacture iron rods and other welding items from metal rolling

Benefits of Service

We give best of rates to our customers. Since we are into manufacturing, we primarily focus on purchasing Rolling iron items (above 4kg, width=16mm, height=4feet) which gives a best of rates to our customers.

Lists of Serivces

Here is the list of Service that we offer to our customers.

Machine Cutting

Machine Cutting is the process where the large iron materials are cut into smaller size so that its valume get decreased and occupies less space

Loading of Iron Ore

Loading of the fine chopped iron into lorry. This process is carried out both manually via human support as well as via machines like cranes for heavy metals

Gas Cutting

A process where large heavy iron metals are cut via gas covering into rolling and melting items